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  • Union Grove Middle School5

    Friendsville, TN | Blount County

    April 28, 2014

    We moved last year, so it was very hard for my daughter to leave all her friends at the old school. Union Grove Middle School welcomed her, about a month after the beginning of the year she had a lot of friends, good grades and excitement of going to school. It was different the first couple of weeks. The school has advanced classes, which is great help with preparation for college . My daughter loves the school and that makes me happy.

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    April 7, 2014

    This school is not that good. I dont like the way that teachers can fail you when you try and study 3 hours every night. I wish I could transfer to a different school but I cant. Student cuss each other and fight. Sometimes I feel that I'm stuck there forever I beg not to go. They only care about how high you score on your tests and if you cant score high you just get left behind. I dont like how i feel scared to go to school I get two guys to walk with me to class. I dont talk because i dont want to get in trouble I feel that I'm just another number that no one knows im there

    October 3, 2013

    My daughter attends Union Grove Elementary, she's in the first grade and has been going there since Pre-K and I would like to say. This school is at best below par for learning. In Pre-K I got a paper home with facts about whales and apparently whales have FLUBBER. I asked the teacher about it and apparently she had no idea it was supposed to be blubber and the mistake was no big deal Then in kindergarten my daughter was being bullied and all the principal had to say was "my kids never had a problem" And now, in first grade, a teacher wrote a nurse pass and couldn't spell stomach ache (stomuch ache) AND on a spelling test my daughter spelled open as opin and it was corrected to opan....by the teacher. For the record, my siblings went through the same school with similar problems, it s not just my child's experience. My sister actually sat through a presentation in class that involved soaking eggs in soda and brushing it off with and without toothpaste. Evidently the point was you don't need toothpaste to brush your teeth. What are these people teaching our children?? I am angry and shocked and PRAYING that we are able to move before irreversible damage is done.

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    May 2, 2013

    I think everyone should know this school is not a 7 out of 10. My child has been there 2 years and there have been nothing but problems. I hope and pray I can find somewhere else to go before next year. I would rather pay then send him to this school and allow teachers to give zero's on test if they don't make a 78 or better and to go pick up your child and they tell you know because they are doing a state test just to find out they didn't know where he was to start with because he already took it so I waited 45 minutes and was late for his doctor's appointment. Also, when I call to talk to a principal that's who I want to speak to and if a teacher can't meet with you for more than 10 minutes they don't care about the kids. I care about my child and the whole atmosphere at this school is not for me or my child. This has been a year of battling with this school.

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    March 24, 2011

    I'm a student here currently and sometimes,I feel like just a number instead of a student, like I would be 768 or whatever, in some other schools I could be (insert name here) I love our princepal dearly,but its hard to get a quality education here sometimes. I love the programs here. Some of the students(most of the students) can get quite out of hand. Most of the time,proper diciplinary actions are taken. If I had to describe it with one word,I would say....basic. Sorry to teachers andprincepals,but yeah...

    February 7, 2008

    This is a wonderful, wonderful school. I can honestly, 100% say that the staff here are the most dedicated professionals I have ever seen in my life. It is truly a family-friendly school, and the quality of education can't be beaten. I attended this school for my entire junior high education, and I have never once regretted a second of it. I was overly prepared for high school. The standards are set high, and expectations are fulfilled. Excellent atmosphere and family.

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    March 31, 2005

    Academic Programs: Excellent. Teachers Available-- After regular school hours to tutor students. Advanced math classes offered. One teacher not recommended. All other teachers in school are very professional and truly dedicated to teaching excellence.

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